Summer is such a wonderful time to harvest fresh herbs and I love putting them in an oily scrub because it preserves them so well and adds some extra luxuriousness to bath time. Where I have been staying in Dorset this week, there are huge fragrant clumps of wild mint everywhere and I have been devotedly brewing it as tea, chopping over our fruit and slicing it into salt scrubs to make the most of the green leafy glut.

An oily scrub such as this is always my go-to bath time companion: it sloughs away the old, gently moisturising the skin while allowing your body to absorb all the minerals from the salt while you relax in the bath. It also eliminates the somewhat troublesome step of post-bath moisturisation which I find so arduous – particularly in winter when you are cold, damp and longing to just get dressed.

I have chosen argan oil here as it is a rich source of free-radical fighting antioxidants, helping combat ageing and damage caused by oxidative stress, as well as nourishing fatty acids and skin-vital vitamins A and E. Almond would do just as well butI enjoy the richness of the argan. While it is increasingly known for its amazing benefits for the hair and face, the body shouldn’t be neglected either, and a little goes a long way. Combined with mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt (which is also finer than sea salt and a less abrasive exfoliator), fresh mint and a drop or two of refreshing tea tree, it makes a wonderful scrub that is reminiscent of wild summer evenings and yet deeply nourishing and uplifting all year round.

(makes a small jar)
6 tbsp pink Himalayan salt
4-5 tbsp argan oil
A handful fresh mint, finely chopped
2-3 drops tea tree oil

In a small bowl, mix the salt and four tablespoons of the oil. You may wish to add more oil if you prefer a softer consistency: feel it out and adjust the ratios if necessary. Then add the mint and tea tree oil, min thoroughly and transfer to a small sterilised jar. Store out of direct sunlight.

To use, simply rub gently on damp skin all over the body, inhaling the aromas and paying special attention to reach dry areas. Wash away the salt and softly pat skin dry with a towel before dressing.


Xochi Balfour is a holistic wellness author and trainee naturopathic nutritionist. She is the founder of The Naturalista. This recipe is exclusive to SPA.Kitchen, but you can find more of her beauteous creations in her gorgeous book, The Naturalista. Read our review and find it here.


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