Why Melanie Got Fishy

A few years ago, Melanie was searching for a great quality Omega 3 for herself and her children but struggled to find a product that ticked all the boxes. She found a U.S. brand that she bought on Amazon for a small fortune and realised there was a gap in the U.K. market. Melanie is fanatical about the health benefits of Omega 3 and believed in it enough to take the plunge and start a business.

Why Going Fishy is Good for your Mood

One of the most important Omega 3 fatty acids is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which makes up a large proportion of our brain tissue. Our diets are deficient in this essential fatty acid, and we have to consume it because our bodies can’t make it. No time is this more critical than during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when the mother’s DHA is prioritized for the baby. This could very well be a major cause of postnatal depression.

In the USA, Omega 3 supplements at high doses are commonly recommended for depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Melanie’s own personal battle with OCD and anxiety (plus a history of mental health issues in her family) make her a firm believer in the power of diet on our mood.

Why This is the Best Fish Oil Out There

When choosing a supplement, there are a few key things to look for:

  • Unless you’re a strict vegetarian, choose a fish oil rather than a vegetable or seed oil such as flax or chia. In vegetarian sources, the Omega 3 is in a form known as ALA and our bodies have to convert this into EPA and DHA (the two key fatty acids we need). Most people convert very little, in the region of 5%, and these oils are also very high in Omega 6 which isn’t good for us in large amounts.
  • Look for supplements made from small, oily fish such as sardines or mackerel. They’re small and have short life spans which means they don’t build up large amounts of contaminants from the polluted oceans. If the supplement doesn’t state clearly which fish are used, be wary – it’s probably farmed Salmon or Tuna.
  • The amount of EPA and DHA is crucial. This is the reason you’re taking the supplement. Don’t be fooled by labels like “1,000mg capsules” – this is just the weight of the capsule, the EPA and DHA content is generally less than 20%.
  • Purity is paramount. Fish oils can be heavily contaminated with heavy metals and nasties like PCBs and Dioxins. Look for a recognised certification or ask to see test results which show exactly what’s in the oil.
  • Freshness is not something you’d think about but is really important if you a) don’t want to have fishy burps and b) don’t want to eat oxidized fats, which are really not good for you. Again, look for a recognised certification or ask to see oxidation test results.

Melanie’s Top Health Tip

Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol, try to eat fresh rather than processed foods, reduce the amount of gluten and sugar and take a high strength Omega 3, plus Vitamin D3 in the winter and a good quality probiotic.

Product Details

Bare Biology Omega 3 fish oils are the only UK brand certified pure, clean and fresh by the International Fish Oil Standards Programme. They’re made from small, wild fish which are sustainably caught.

Lion Heart Omega 3 Liquid contains 3,000mg of EPA and DHA in one teaspoon, and only has lemon oil added for flavour. It tastes super mild and is the perfect mood booster with its high strength.

Lion Heart Omega 3 capsules are teeny tiny, made from fish gelatin (most are made from pork or beef) and the daily dose of four contains 1,300mg of EPA and DHA combined. A great daily maintenance dose.

Super Hero DHA Omega 3 liquid is for children and just one drop contains 475mg DHA and 133mg EPA, the same as a whole tin of sardines. With just lemon oil added, there are no nasty additives or sweeteners – but it tastes great.



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