A Spirit’s Blessing

Bless you, Beauty,
 With charms and bells and pearly shells
 Bless your smile, bless your vision
 May you make the right decisions
 Bless your breath, bless your body
 Bless every atom you embody
 Let’s be still, know thy will
 Pour the oil, feed the soil
 Let light enter, right in your centre
 Bless your soul with tiny flowers,
 Rise up,
 Greet the powers
 Touch your toes, feel the red red Rose
 Soft as silk, warm as Nature’s milk
 May Hope be your vast tutor,
 Let us bless your future
 And lest we forget
 Bless your past
 For yes, it happens oh so fast
 And, whoever, wherever, whatever they may be
 Bless your children –
 Wild as the sea,
 May we all of us be free
 For the blessing is in your hands,
 In the wonders that they mould
 Let the frankincense of Magic pure unfold
 Bless that scent,
 Bless Life’s deep bath,
 Know that you are on the path
 Bless every little recess of your exquisite heart
 Bless you, Beauty
 Bless your spirit’s calling


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