Welcome to SPA.Kitchen: A Recipe for a Healthy Life. This project is a global collaboration and exploration; it is a quest, for that which energises the soul. From tips on sleeping deeper to the latest in cleansing spa experiences, from Tokyo to Thailand, we are about that which touches and transforms us as human beings. We  offer an ever-growing, carefully curated compendium of honest reviews, written by experts, of the world’s best spas, retreats, medi-clinics and health escapes. We also source nourishing recipes, expert health advice, meditations and inspirations, many showcased here for the first time. All are delivered from the heart for the heart. Whether you crave a dusty meditation retreat or an island hideaway, you can come to us for holiday inspiration, or simply to seek a moment of inner reflection amidst a busy week. We offer both an invitation to come home to yourself, as well as a journey to the edge. SPA.Kitchen is not about rules or self-punishment. It is about dipping in and mixing your own unique blend, one which realistically suits you, and which you can sustain amidst a busy life of family, friends, work and travel. It It is about raising a glass of our favourite kind of wine: rich and berry-hued,  smooth as a silky night, and making a toast, to you, and to your health. Because we believe we all want to feel the best we can be. SPA.Kitchen is about looking after ourselves and each other. It is about travelling to the far corners of the world, as well as deep within, and enjoying all the differing flavours of a rich, full and extremely blessed life.

 This is SPA.Kitchen. Here for you, wherever you may be.
We really hope you enjoy it.

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